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"What a refreshing sensationalism! Whitfield and Beard show nothing but respect and loyalty as they strive to help Jackson during the final three years of his life." —Michael Jackson World Network

It’s amazing. The main thing that stands out for me is the first-person account. It’s not just “he said, she said.” It’s not just a rehash of stuff that pretty much every other book has. They’re detailing everything, what happened, day-to-day, and it’s really fascinating. The intimacy of this is what sets it apart from everything else out there. With this book, it’s literally like you’re there. There were a couple of points where I just had to take a pause because I just got so emotional. This is a book that his fans will want to buy. Definitely. One hundred percent seal of approval.” —Shanda Holmes, Legacy of Love: Michael Jackson Fans United, NYC

Without doubt an incredible read for all Michael Jackson fans. Remember The Time is not about sensationalism or full of the typical tabloid fodder one might expect when dealing with Michael Jackson. This book offers a real glimpse into the life of somebody who was far more than just a pop star and an entertainer; Michael was a kind, sensitive and loving father and a humble and generous man who was simply trying to live his life in peace. We commend and thank Bill, Javon and Tanner for giving us the opportunity to share a piece of Michael Jackson’s life”  —MJJCommunity

"We had no doubt before reading this that Bill and Javon would be nothing but the professionals that they are. After reading Remember the Time, we can confirm that to be the case! It is an honest account of their time working for Michael. We found it truly respectful for them to have put aside any preconceived notions they may have had about him. As a result, they got to know a person that they would never forget. And through the good, bad and ugly, they stuck by their client's side until the very end... It is definitely a story worth reading! —Jackson Legacy Fan Club


MJ Tribute Artist, Moses Harper


Randall Perry



“Read this from cover to cover in one sitting. Very glad they did this book.” —Shen Heng

“while I was concerned that confidential stories would be revealed, the book was respectful to both MJ and the children.” —In the Know

“Seeing the way Michael's life was back then, it makes you feel sympathy for the man. Makes you less judgmental. Less biased. And it helps you understand Michael and the way he was a little better. As for personal information, I could not find anything that would disturb me. All the stories involving children are delivered tactfully.” —Sirosh Yulia, via Amazon

There are too few honest accounts of who Michael Jackson was, but this book gives an unvarnished, but completely fascinating, view of Jackson's last few years. As such, it is an important historical document. Fans and students of Michael Jackson will love this book. —S. Woodward, via Amazon

“Start-to-finish, I could hardly put it down. This well-researched book paints a rich and thoughtful picture, anchored in facts rather than speculations, and the individual that emerges is truly extraordinary--a caring and responsible father, an authentic artist, and a deeply intelligent individual.” —Sara

I couldn't put it down last night. I'm loving learning about Michael personally and not hearing about lawyers and plastic surgery. It's sweet, funny and just great.” —Dawn Washburn

“It offers stories that will make you smile, laugh, and cry. After reading their stories I was saddened by the loneliness experienced by Michael towards the end of his life. I think these guys deserve a huge pat on the back for all they put up with regarding those in charge of Michael's finances and for never really turning their backs on him. They showed a great amount of empathy. I recommend this book to any Michael Jackson fan that isn't looking for a sugar coated version of events. This is raw and a seriously good read. —Tahkyia Willis, via Amazon