"...this account has dozens of worthy stories. It also has something truly valuable: it’s fair. It’s a simple notion, fair, but it’s rare in the telling of anything related to the life of Michael Jackson." —Rembert Browne, Grantland

"Whitfield and Beard have so many good stories that you can’t put the book down. Even if half of them are true, the book is a page turning 'Thriller.'" —Showbiz411

"a candid, intimate, and remarkably sage appreciation of a tortured soul with everything and nothing." —Macleans

"Remember The Time: Protecting Michael Jackson In His Final Days is a two-man oral history of the singer's troubled last few years, a Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead view of the last act of his strange life, and it tells a shocking story." —The Independent (UK)

"To their credit, the book is not an hysterical expose of a famously reclusive icon but a measured and compassionate account that succeeds in teasing apart the mocking tag of Wacko Jacko that dogged the singer performer." —Sydney Morning-Herald

"...provides some amazing insights into the last two and half years of Jackson's life, and the lives of his children." Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"In order to dive into a book like this, you really must let preconceived notions go and see where the story takes you. Trust me, it’s not what you’d expect. Remember the Time is a terrifically engaging first hand account of the last two years of Michael Jackson’s life, told by those closest to him." —BlogCritics

"Remember the Time foregoes sensationalism in favor of a sympathetic, but unsentimental examination of life behind the gates in Michael Jackson's final years. A single father facing enormous financial pressures and a vagabond existence while trying to find some peace and joy with his three young children, Jackson is revealed, not as the "freak show" the media so often presented him, but as human. These recollections not only help fill in some of the biographical gaps in Jackson's life but demonstrate with unflinching detail the real-life price of fame." 

—Joseph Vogel, author of Man in the Music: The Creative Life & Work of Michael Jackson

Illuminating and thoughtful, especially for those who can't help but hear Jackson's hit song when they read the book's title.”


...a book that’s hard to put down and one you won’t soon forget. If you’re a Michael Jackson fan, you’ll love the personal touch. And even if you’re not a fan, this book will answer questions for you and show you a very different side of a man everyone thought they knew but, in reality, few did."  —Examiner.com